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Lip enhancement in dubai is a procedure that improves and refills the lips either to recreate the fullness of your lips when you were younger, or to improve the balance between the upper and lower lips or to augment the central part of your lip.

Lip enhancement in the past has been performed with collagen, but more recently advances in filling technology have allowed the use of a natural sugar gel. The lips are one of the main features of your face and form a focal point that indicates to others as to how happy or healthy you are. As we age, the lips tend to become thinner and there is a loss of volume in the lips so that they may also be accompanied by fine vertical lines, particularly across the upper lip and the corners of the mouth may drop and droop downward.

Lip enhancement in dubai is a technique in which a filler is strategically and carefully injected into the body of the lip to refill the lip and to rebalance the lip so that it looks very similar to the way your lips looked when you were younger, or it can be used to rebalance the upper and lower lips so that they are more symmetrical and more aesthetically balanced.

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