Laser Hair Removal in Al Barsha

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Dubai


Laser hair reduction is the method to remove unwanted hair for longer periods of time and even forever, which is most effective for people who have light skin and dark brown/black hair. It usually takes 6 to 8 sessions to provide an extended hair-free period, with maintenance treatments may be needed twice a year.

In TruCare we are using the most recent technology in Full Body Laser Hair Removal Dubai.

  • Elite Cynosure: Alexandrite and NdYAG which is used for the dark skin.
  • Spectra: which is work perfectly with the fine hair.

We are one of the best laser hair removal centers in Dubai with experienced doctors.

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What Special with TruCare :

  • Works with all Hair and Skin types.

  • Pain Free and No Burning (Painless laser hair removal Dubai).

  • Solution for Pigmentation, Tattoo removal and rejuvenation .

  • Well Experienced & qualified staff with direct follow with our professional dermatology specialist.

Laser Hair Removal

From the experience of our qualified dermatologist team, we know that each skin is different and requires bespoke treatments. It is because each skin responds differently to each skin, and we have organized our treatment laser bespoke hair removal solutions. We have handpicked dermatologists who are educated and trained at top Medical Institutions around the world. Being the best hair removal centre in Dubai, we guarantee that you get the best treatment by analysing your skin type.

Special pre and post-care treatments

The pre-care and post-care laser treatments play a very important role in achieving the mentioned results. Hence, we provide pre-care and post-care treatment to all our customers coming for the treatment. A professionally done prep shave using a top-notch disposable razor prepares you for an incredibly smooth experience. The Laser Luxe hair removal procedure concludes with a comforting cold compress, a mild and caring post-treatment cream, and protective sunscreen to ensure you won't encounter any discomfort or skin redness.

Is laser hair removal painful?

No, laser hair removal in Dubai is usually not painful, but some areas may be too sensitive and rarely require anaesthesia. However, the patients may feel slight tingling or heat sensation. Our dermatologist used the patented cooling system of the laser, which helps patients tolerate the procedure very well.

Which climate is best for hair removal: winter or summer?

Winter is the season where individuals are less exposed to heat and hence, this winter is the best time to get laser hair removal done. This is because an individual who has undergone laser hair treatment will not achieve the optimal result if exposed to excessive sun exposure before or after the treatment.

How much sitting is required for laser hair removal treatment in Dubai?

It usually requires five or six sets of treatments for permanent laser hair treatment and depends on the skin type. How well the treatment works can be different for each person. It depends on things like your metabolism, hormones, the type of hair you have, and how many hair follicles you have. Also, your hair grows in three stages: the growing phase, the resting phase, and the transitional phase. The laser works best on hair in the growing phase but doesn't work as well on hair in the resting or transitional phases.

Full body Laser Hair Removal Dubai
Full body Laser Hair Removal Dubai
Full body Laser Hair Removal Dubai
Full body Laser Hair Removal Dubai
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