Laser Hair Removal in Al Barsha

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser hair reduction is the method to remove unwanted hair for longer periods of time and even forever which work in most effective on people who have light skin and dark brown/black hair. Usually takes 6 to 8 sessions to provide an extended hair-free period with Maintenance treatments may be needed twice a year.

In TruCare we are using the most recent technology in Full Body Laser Hair Removal Dubai.

  • Elite Cynosure: Alexandrite and NdYAG which is used for the dark skin.
  • Spectra: which is work perfectly with the fine hair.

What Special with TruCare :

  • Works with all Hair and Skin types.
  • Pain Free and No Burning (Painless laser hair removal Dubai).
  • Solution for Pigmentation, Tattoo removal and rejuvenation .
  • Well Experienced & qualified staff with direct follow with our professional dermatology specialist.
Full body Laser Hair Removal Dubai
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