Thread lift in Dubai

Thread Lift in Dubai

Thread Lift DubaiServices

TruCare provides best thread lift in Dubai. Thread lifting is a treatment that has become very popular in Europe and the USA and now in UAE too as an alternative to a facelift for suitable patients. It involves the placement of barbed suture threads under the skin, which are pulled to lift and anchor the skin upwards. The result is a subtle lifting of the skin.

Thread lift dubai is used most successfully in the eyebrow, cheeks, jaw line and upper neck area in skin that is just starting to sag. When combined with volume fillers, the result is a fuller, more rounded cheek line restoring the youthful contours to the face. The old threads have been replaced by the newer dissolvable ones. The result of thread lifting actually comes from the body producing collagen around the thread in a response to its presence. This occurs in the first 3 to 9 months after insertion. The newer threads start to dissolve around 9 months. This means that the skin is not left with a non-functional foreign body in the future. These dissolvable threads, thus make the procedure safer.

thread lift in dubai
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