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Smiling is an important part of our daily life, smiling is a symbol of expressing happiness in meetings and also when taking photos. Teeth discoloration often pulls us back from giving a complete smile, discoloration is the cause of stains from smoking, caffeine, food coloration, etc., We all love having white and shiny teeth and as years go the shiness reduces and teeth whitening treatment is one of the best solution for this.

At True Care, you can enhance your teeth coloration and smile in just one sitting. Book early for a convenient time and also you can have a conversation with our dentist to sort out your doubts and concerns regarding this.

What is Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth Whitening is one of the fastest, most cost-effective, and non-surgical methods of enhancing smiles and minimizing discoloration. Our Teeth Whitening Services are available in various budgets, time frames, and temperaments and each client can choose one that best suits their budget.


Types of Teeth Whitening in Dubai

1Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits - At True Care Clinics, we understand that not everyone can make it to the dentist's office for teeth whitening treatments. That's why we offer customized take-home whitening kits, providing our patients with the flexibility to brighten their smiles in the comfort of their own homes. Our take-home whitening kits come with custom-fitted trays, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for each individual's unique dental structure. Paired with professional-grade whitening gel, the kits deliver effective and long-lasting results. With our take-home whitening kits, patients have the freedom to whiten their teeth at their own pace and convenience, whether it's during their morning routine or while relaxing in the evening. Our dental professionals provide detailed instructions for optimal use, ensuring a safe and successful whitening experience. Say goodbye to stains and hello to a brighter, more confident smile with True Care Clinics' take-home whitening kits.

2Zoom Teeth Whitening - Zoom Teeth Whitening is a revolutionary whitening system that can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades in a single session. This advanced procedure utilizes a specially formulated whitening gel and the power of LED light technology to break down stains and discoloration, revealing a brilliantly white smile. At True Care Clinics, our experienced dentists in Dubai ensure a comfortable and efficient treatment experience. During your appointment, you'll relax as our team applies the Zoom! whitening gel to your teeth and activates it with Zoom! Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. In just 60 to 90 minutes, you'll walk out of our clinic with a dramatically brighter smile that will leave you feeling confident and refreshed. With Zoom Teeth Whitening, there's no need for multiple appointments or prolonged treatment schedules. It's the perfect option for those with busy schedules who want immediate and noticeable results. Plus, our personalized aftercare instructions will help you maintain your radiant smile for the long term.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment:


Fast and Effective Results

Achieve a noticeably whiter smile in a single visit (in-office) or gradually over time (take-home).


Safe and Controlled

Our teeth whitening treatments are performed by a dentist, ensuring optimal results and minimizing risks.


Long-lasting Whiteness

Enjoy a brighter smile for months with proper maintenance.


Boosts Confidence

A whiter smile can significantly enhance your confidence and self-esteem.

Say goodbye to stains and hello to a brighter, more confident smile with Teeth Whitening at True Care Clinics. Schedule your appointment today and experience the transformative power of the best teeth whitening.

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